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Snoetic Farm specializes in growing and selling heritage and gourmet garlic varieties for both seed and culinary purposes.

A Diverse Collection of Prairie-Adapted
Garlic Varieties

We are a small family-owned and family-run endeavour. Snoetic aims to produce a quality supply of diverse and Prairie-adapted garlic cultivars. We have been growing garlic since 2007 having started out with a handful of Persian Star and a whole lot of bulbils. In time, our crop developed and we expanded; we now have a diverse collection of varieties that are well-adapted to our prairie climate and continue to add to our collection each year.

We primarily grow seed garlic. Our seed garlic is carefully grown and selected for quality. Most bulbs are a minimum of 2 inches in diameter with the largest bulbs allocated to the first orders. To order Bulbils, contact us by email or telephone by July 15. Our kitchen garlic is comprised of bulbs that are not suitable or ideal for use as seed. They are either a smaller grade, unsorted variety or irregularly shaped bulbs. Kitchen garlic is sold fresh by the bulb or pound or dehydrated as powder or granules.

You can review and order our seed and kitchen garlic through our online shopping cart. Traditional methods of order are also available, and we are happy to assist you over the phone with ordering and other information ~ please contact us.

Snoetic Garlic

Featured Garlic

rocambole: mountain topRocambole: Mountain Top

Rocambole garlics are considered to be the finest tasting of the garlic cultivars. The best have a rich, deep, complex flavour. Rocambole flavour is described as being sweet rather than aggressively sulfurous.


Grown In An Ecologically-Friendly Manner

The farm is located near the Saskatchewan-Manitoba border in Manitoba’s Parkland region. Our garlic is grown in an ecologically-friendly manner without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers; it is planted, weeded, harvested and cleaned by hand. We use techniques such as cover crops and crop rotation to enhance the fertility of our soils and avoid soil-borne diseases.

We appreciate your interest and hope you enjoy our garlic as much as we do.